I like to carry out the whole production of a song from start to finish but am happy to get involved at any stage in the process.

*Rates are unique to each project, contact me and I can give you a better idea.


We take your musical ideas and mould them into the best possible shape.

Create tempo maps, establish parts, try alternative arrangements and figure out possible kinks.

Chalk up the song and see how it translates into the medium of a record early on.


Setting up instruments, dialling in tones and capturing your performances.

The most important part of the process by far and where most time should be devoted.

Realising your ideas, whether as a live band or tracked individually.


Shaping the individual performances to be a cohesive, tight unit, whilst keeping the 'human' character and emotion in tact.

I aim is to make the editing invisible and without artefacts.


Moulding and refining the tracks into a polished or abused sound - whether that means gentle EQ or smashing it through a compressor.

Making the tracks match how they sound in your head.


Whereby the individual songs are made into a cohesive record that translates across different playback systems and speakers.

Preparing the tracks for distribution, replication and broadcast.

 Tom Richfield © 2013